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FRESHX Pros Recommendations For Healthy Indoor Air Quality

1.  Vacuum all of your fabric furnishings routinely.  Since most of the dry soil in your carpet, upholstery and draperies can be removed by vacuuming.  It's a great way to both improve air quality and protect your fabrics.

2.  Keep clean filters in your homes heating and air-conditioning system.  Let a FRESHX professional show you how during the next visit to your home.  The more airborne soil you collect in your furnace filter, the less there is to collect in your furnishings and duct work.  We recommend you have your air ducts inspected or cleaned by a FRESHX Professional.

3.  Remove spots and spills on your homes fabrics immediately using FRESHX Touch Of Magic or a mild spotting solutions and follow procedures.

4.  Have your carpet and furnishings professionally cleaned regularly. A FRESHX trained technician uses equipment, know how and specialized cleaning solutions to do it quickly and safe.  We test unknown fabrics to prevent damage.  A professionally trained FRESHX technician can remove the damage causing oxides and pollutants that shorten the life of your home's beautiful furnishings.

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