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We're restoration experts celebrating over 30 years in the cleaning business. Whether it's fire, water or other disaster, we have the equipment and "know-how" to provide complete restoration, including:

  • Emergency water extraction 24/7 pump-out water fast.
  • Drying carpets floors sub-floors paneling dehumidify, prevent mildew.
  • Smoke damage cleaning, plus emergency preservation to prevent further damage to walls furniture etc.
  • Deodorization of building and contents with ozone gas or other deodorizing agent as needed.
  • Carpet cleaning heavy-duty dirt stain extraction for all types of carpet.
  • Draperies, curtains, upholstery cleaning: hand cleaning of delicate fabrics (satins, velvets, etc.)
  • Clothing linens, mattresses etc. Dry clean or launder, deodorize.
  • Decorator items, fine ware clean, revitalize, china, glassware, utensils lampshades, pillows, etc.
  • Duct cleaning deodorize
  • Refinishing, reupholstering as determined by customer
  • Automobiles clean, deodorize, interior carpeting
  • Moving and Storage: Inventory pack remove and insure storage of entire contents during restoration.


We take all the precautions to make sure the structure is properly dried. From air ducting, removing wet insulation, drying wet ceiling, wet walls to drying behind wet cabinets.

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Wet Air Ducts
Wet Insulation
Wet Ceiling
Wet Walls

Who says if you hire people who work smarter it has to cost more? Who says if you do excellent work the price must go-up? Actually in restoration, a lot of economy is gained when the restoration service can make informed decisions and has an aptitude for refined restoration techniques. For example, after a residential fire a table may suffer water damage from water used to put out the blaze, or a white or gray chalky patch may appear as a by-product of condensation that formed under objects sitting on the table during the fire. An inexperienced restorer may assume the table has to be refinished or even counted as a loss, thus driving up claim costs. However, our FreshX expert technicians may determine that the blemishes can be cleaned away at a much lower cost.

We make similar decisions that keep wood from being warped, save metal and plastic surfaces from being scarred or pitted by smoke, and protect fabrics from permanent ruin due to smoke odor. We employ efficient ways to clean building and dry them out. That saves time and money. In other words because we want to be your restoration resource now and in the future we work smarter to restore items to their pre-disaster condition and save you money in the process now that's intelligence you can take to the bank.


Your nose is an amazing instrument. It can detect a smell that's diluted by as much as ten million to one. It can pick out a particular odor from up to 10,000 others. That's why it acts as such a good early warning system when it smells smoke from a fire. Unfortunately, that's also why eliminating smoke odor after a property fire is one of the hardest jobs in restoration. Your policyholders can detect that obnoxious burnt or charred smell months after they return to their home or business, if the restoration service hasn't done a thorough job of removing it.


The first step in getting rid of a smokey smell is knowing where to look for the cause. As experienced professionals, we know that smoke can be trapped in attics, crawl spaces, above dropped ceilings, and even in drawers that haven't been opened since the fire. Charred wood or insulation hidden behind walls may be the culprit. It gets even trickier. The smoke smell may be carried through duct work or along air currents in the building, separating the smell from the source. However, we know how to investigate the structure as a whole and thoroughly examine each of the likely origins.


No matter what the source of the smoke odor, locating it won't help much if your restoration company doesn't have a full arsenal of weapons to get rid of the smell. Depending on the nature of the fire and the materials needing treatment, we select the appropriate technique. We may use a "wet fogging" device to neutralize the odor. It sprays a fine mist suspended in the air. It can reach into the same nooks and crannies where the original smoke drifted. "Dry fogging" is also an effective technique, especially good for locations with a lot of contents, such as a retail site with inventory that would be difficult to move. We employ several other procedures as well. We may decide to refurbish some contents at our own facility, providing treatments such as "ozone" gas in a controlled environment. Every smoke-saturated item has unique characteristics that may call for a different approach for removing odor.

This may seem elementary, but not all restoration services have the proficiency to make these distinctions or use a variety of methods. So call us the restoration experts who will satisfy your needs and hold down costs by doing a thorough job of removing odor the first time. We're a breath of fresh air after a fire disaster.

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