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Poor cleaning procedures and practices, equipment, and bad habits can inhibit the effective cleaning of buildings.

Janitorial services and Workers thinking big need to THINK small when it comes to health cleaning. Cleaning for appearance only removes "big" visible soil rather than cleaning for health that removes "small" invisible bacteria, dust and airborne particulates and other micro, bio and chemical contaminates - largely the contributors to unhealthy indoor environments.

Daily deep vacuuming is more important than interim deep cleaning methods.

Dry soil is abrasive; when ground into your carpet, it cuts into carpet fibers - dulling appearance and reducing the longevity.

Carpets cover 70% of the floors in the United States.
Carpet can hold more than its weight in soil.
70-80% of dust, dirt, and grime is tracked into a building from outside.
30% of dirt is deposited in the first 3 feet, while 90% is tracked off in the first 25 feet.
Carpet soil generally consists of 85-95% dry soil and 5-15% oily soil.
Carpet has a high surface area and is known to act as an organic dust sink containing bio-contaminants and allergens.

Carpets have a high surface area and are known to act as an organic dust sink containing bio-contaminants and allergens.

Carpet and Rug Institute, Dalton GA; ISSA: International Sanitary Supply Association; IIREC: Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration; Dust Mopping Floors for Health and Efficiency Test, Colorado State University, 1998; Photo: Courtesy of CRI Cle

People can inhale particles 10 microns and smaller, good housekeeping is probably the most common means of removing potential allergens, and vacuum cleaners are the most commonly used tool.

Vacuum cleaning removes some fungus and spores from carpeting and furnishings, but it also reintroduces them to the air either through the action of the vacuum's beater bar or through conventional bags. Without proper filtration the reintroduction of allergens and harmful particles into the air can occur.

"Clean for health first, then appearance."

Of course cleaning for health requires the proper chemicals, equipment, and machines, but more important is the system that is utilized within the cleaning operation. The FRESHX system assures that the facility is properly cleaned on a scheduled basis and assure that cleaning, rather than polluting, is the result of the FRESHX cleaning worker activities in the facility.

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