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In the past, carpet cleaning was usually done strictly for appearance. The homeowner or business owner wanted the carpet to look better.

Now scientists and doctors are recognizing that clean carpets contribute to a healthier home or workplace. Your carpet acts like a "sink". It collects and filters almost every spilled material, airborne contaminant or tracked soil that enters into your home or business. Within these "indoor pollutants" are much more than dirt and soil, there are disease causing bacteria and germs, dust mites, dead skin particles, and particulates that can be respiratory irritants. It's good that the carpet collects these contaminants, otherwise they would continue to migrate throughout your home or business.

However, just as you clean other's surfaces to make your home or business healthier, you need to clean your carpets too. Professional carpet cleaning using the hot water (steam) extraction method makes significant positive contributions towards removing those contaminants. Here's what Dr. Michael Berry of the United States Environmental Protection Agency says:

"Every time carpets and fabrics are emptied of their pollution build-up through professional cleaning methods, there is a health benefit. Cleaning processes that extract pollutants from the environment enhance the quality of the indoor environment by reducing exposure. Cleaning, especially through extraction, improves environmental conditions and health protection."

So from now on, when you think about whether your carpets need cleaning, remember that you'll not only have a cleaner environment, but a healthier one as well.


Carpet cleaning methods that call themselves "dry", really aren't. There are five primary methods of carpet cleaning--hot water extraction, bonnet cleaning, dry foam cleaning, dry powder cleaning, and shampooing. All employ the use of moisture. Just as "steam" cleaning doesn't employ the use of live steam, so called "dry" cleaning methods aren't really dry.

The use of bonnet cleaning, dry foam cleaning, or dry powder cleaning is primarily in interim "appearance" maintenance of carpeting in commercial environments. Bonnet cleaning and dry foam cleaning both use cleaning solutions that are water based. They don't inject these water based solutions under pressure into the carpeting. Some bonnet cleaning systems employ the use of carbonation to make their cleaning solution more active. Dry powders usually contain moisture as part of their overall cleaning process. The point is, none of these systems are completely dry. They are, however, useful in commercial applications as part of an overall carpet cleaning program, that includes periodic hot water extraction cleaning.

For cleaning of residential carpets, the choice is clear. When professionals are given the choice of which carpet cleaning method is best for residential homes, over 90% of them have chosen hot water extraction as the safest and most effective carpet cleaning method. Carpet fiber producers and carpet mills agree.

The fact is, whether a so called "dry" cleaning system is used. or hot water extraction, the key is the technician doing the job. In the hands of a trained professional, no carpet cleaning method is harmful to your carpet. In the hands of an untrained professional or the lowest bidder, any carpet cleaning system can be harmful to carpeting.

Our technicians are trained to use the latest equipment and cleaning solution technology to provide you with the safest, most effective cleaning of your carpeting.


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